Participation Guide

To help do our part to address the critical issue of hunger in our community, local Boy Scout units and members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints are participating once again in a collaborative food collection effort entitled Community Helping Hands / Scouting for Food during the month of March. Collection methods for the campaign may include:

  • fliers with or without paper bags distribution in neighborhoods to solicit and then collect donations. Scout units may download the CCH-SFF Promotional Flier (PDF or Word) to make their own copies or request copies from their District SFF rep or District Executive. Copies will also be available at the BSA Service Center counter. UPDATE: Due to last minute demand, door hangers have been ordered and will be available from the District Executives or Council Office by March 1.
  • flier distribution and food collection at local grocery stores and other community venues where permitted
  • placement and monitoring of San Diego Food Bank collection barrels in various community locations such as schools, churches, community centers or local businesses. Order barrels from Kimberly Castillo, 858.863.5133.

CHOOSE a project coordinator for your Scout unit or organization who can collaborate with the other partners in an effective joint effort.

PRESENT the collaborative effort to your unit/organization by explaining the importance of the project and outlining the key dates for participation as determined by your unit/organization leadership. This year Boy Scout units are once again collaborating with stakes of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to expand collections during the month of March. However, collections may continue throughout the year as units work within their own program calendar.

REGISTER your unit participation online at the Boy Scout Scouting for Food website to get started.

DETERMINE your target collection area or audience. Identify your preferred donation location from the Collection Drop-Off Locations map or make plans to deliver food to your own local food pantry.

SECURE involvement from as many unit/organization members as possible. Share information in your solicitation effort about the most needed items as determined by San Diego Food Bank that are listed on the CCH-SFF Promotional Flier (PDF or Word).

If you choose to go door to door to solicit donations, PROMOTE the campaign by distributing door hangers or the CCH-SFF Promotional Flier (PDF or Word) stapled to paper bags to homes in your designated area on the date determined by your leaders. Add a label with your name and email address on the bottom of the flier or door hanger so you can be contacted in case a bag of food is missed or if the donor wishes more information about your unit/organization. If you choose to place barrels for collections, determine the best locations to assure success (your school, church, unit/organization meeting place, other local businesses). Attach a CCH-SFF Promotional Flier (PDF or Word) or Barrel Poster (San Diego or North County) to your collection barrel with information about the campaign and types of food needed.

RETURN to your designated area to collect donations on the day you have indicated on the flier or gather barrels that you have placed. Deliver food to the San Diego Food Bank warehouse, your own local food pantry or one of the other locations on the Collection Drop-Off Locations map. If you collect more than 200 pounds of food (equivalent of 1 barrel), you may contact San Diego Food Bank, Kimberly Castillo for pick-up. Be sure to get a receipt for the donation no matter where you donate. This will be used for reporting purposes.

REPORT participant service hours and pounds of food collected on the Community Helping Hands/Scouting for Food Reporting website to help us track progress toward our 2019 goal of 70,000 pounds and to be eligible to receive participation patches for all of your Scouts.