Marketing Resources

Hunger Fact Sheet

Of San Diego County’s 3.2 million residents, 486,000 people face food insecurity every day. Of this number, 163,000 are children. Download the full Fact Sheet to share with others in your collection efforts.

Promotional Fliers

Download a campaign Promotional Flier (PDF or Word) copy and attach to collection bags or to solicit donations from friends or pass out in front of grocery stores. Use the space near the bottom of the flier to include a label with a note or your contact information as desired. Print a Barrel flier for San Diego or North County to place on collection barrels.

Most Needed Items

canned meats & tuna
peanut butter
canned soups
canned or dried fruits
canned vegetables
packaged nuts & seeds
dried pasta
dried beans, rice & cereal
powdered milk
diapers, toothpaste
toothbrushes, toilet paper & tissue

Collection Drop-Off Locations

BSA Service Center
San Diego Food Bank
North County Food Bank
Ramona Food & Clothes Closet
Father Joe's Villages
Community Through Hope
Heaven's Windows