The Wood Badge Tradition

Baden Powell

On the morning of September 18, 1919, the 61 year old retired General of the British Army, General Robert Baden-Powell, stepped out into the center of a clearing at Gilwell Park in England. He raised to his lips the horn of a Greater Kudu, one of the largest of African Antelopes, and blew a long sharp blast. Nineteen men dressed with their shirt-sleeves rolled up, assembled by patrols for the first Scoutmasters' training camp held at Gilwell.

Wood Badge W6-49-14 will continue this tradition of teaching adult leaders skills to lead our youth. Wood Badge for the 21st Century is a continuation of a proud past with promotion of new leadership training skills for the future. Across the nation, Wood Badge for the 21st Century brings together in one dynamic course the men and women who serve as mentors for Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, Varsity Scouts, and Venturing Crews.

As an adult leader or Scouting volunteer, you will benefit greatly from the Wood Badge experience and more importantly, so will your unit and the Scouts you lead.