Training Flier Template

Please complete the Training Flier Template and email to the Training Webmaster to assure timely posting of your event on the Training section of the council website, Calendar and to request on-line registration support. Details to remember:

  1. Multiple course dates can be listed on the form if all dates include the same location and details about the course.
  2. Include the street address, city and zip code of your course location.
  3. We encourage you to use the Doubleknot online registration system for your course. The URL is already listed on the template. At your request to the Training Webmaster a registration link will be built and included with your form on the Training web page prior to posting. A registration roster will be provided to you within 72 hours of the course and/or upon request.
  4. Include a registration deadline in the Specific Details section of the form as well as any other details you feel are necessary for proper preparation by your attendees.
  5. If you have your own website to share more information, include the link on the last line of this form.