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Year Round Camping Award

PurposeTo encourage Troops and Teams to keep the "Outing in Scouting" by having a monthly outdoor event (in this process most units would also qualify for the National Camping Award). Requirements:

  1. Hold a Troop or Team overnight camp-out once each month for 10 of any 12 month period. Camp-O-Rees, Jamborals, Rendezvous, and Operations on Target, count as one camp-out. Summer camps, Scout and Varsity Scout, count as one camp.
  2. Camp-out must be under a Troop or Team plan, under the sky, canvas or improvised shelter (no campers, cabins, RVs, trailers or anything similar will count. Family camping trips do not count… this is a Scouting Award.
  3. For each camp-out a TOUR PERMIT must be filed. Keep track of all Tour and Activity Plan numbers for award application.
  4. One of the 10 camp-outs must be a BSA or unit long-term camp (5 or more days) such as summer camp, winter camp, Teton High Adventure Base or Varsity Scout camps (72 hours or more).

What to do now? Make sure your year's calendar includes the necessary 10 camp-outs. Be sure to include District Camp-O-Rees, Rendezvous, Jamborals, and summer camps toward your goal.

Develop a policy of "WE ARE GOING CAMPING ON THIS DATE NO MATTER WHAT!" Do not plan a date and then not carry through. Boys will not return next time if you disappoint them once.

A unique, fully embroidery emblem will be available for purchase for each Scout, Varsity Scout and leader. Year 'Round Camp Jacket emblem's are also available.

  • 1st Year Award - Year 'Round Camping emblem available for purchase.
  • 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Year Award - If a unit earns the Year 'Round Camping Award for the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year, pins are available to wear on the embroidered emblem.
  • 5th Year Award - If a unit earns the Year 'Round Camping Award for the 5th year, a Silver Border emblem and a 5 year pin are available for purchase.
  • 10th Year Award - If a unit earns the Year 'Round Camping Award for the 10th year, a Gold Border emblem is available for purchase.