Mystery Popcorn Houses

Each Scout with sales of $1,500 or more and those who find a Mystery House will receive a special prize.

Be sure to check back for additional clues and to see which Mystery Popcorn Houses have been found! New clues are revealed every six days, begining on September 8. There are 21 houses yet to be found.

House # City ZIP Code Community Elementary School Street House Color Something Unique GPS Coordinates
San Diego 92123 Serra Mesa Wegeforth Cuttino ______, born in 1975, American former NBA player Cream Colored, stamped concrete in the front yard 32.79000,
San Diego 92117 Bay Ho Alcott Earth's moon or the ancient Roman divine embodiment of the moon Beige House has no lawn - hawthorn hedge and junipers 32.83360,
3 Coronado 92118 Cays Silver Strand This court is old or ancient in Spanish White   32.62520,
Spring Valley 91977 Spring Valley Rancho It's a view Green The left front blind is always open thanks to the dogs 32.70830,
San Diego 92119 San Carlos Gage This lake is the longest of central New York's glacial Finger Lakes Tan with blue trim You can see an apple tree in the backyard 32.79910,
Oceanside 92056 Park Lake Alamosa Park Last name of the Founder of Scouting Eggshell Hibiscus flowers beside the driveway 33.24050,
7 Holtville 92250 Holtville Emmett S. Finley First name of Popeye's girlfriend Yellow Texas star "God Bless Our Home" 32.81420,
San Diego 92120 Del Cerro Hearst Latin word for Wales Beige 4 very tall palm trees in front 32.78810,
San Diego 92109 Pacific Beach Bird Rock A neighborhood in the central San Fernando Valley region of the city of Los Angeles named for Isaac Newton ___ ____ Off white with green trim Huge tree in the front yard! 32.81170,
El Cajon 92021 Blossom Valley Blossom Valley The Smoot-______ Tariff Act raised import duties by as much as 50 percent, greatly adding to the downward spiral of the world economy in the 1930s Terra Cotta Walls in front yard match the house color 32.86030,
11 Brawley 92227 Ventana Ranch Brawley Christian Academy In Spanish, it means "Street Stars" Tan The view of Holly Sugar 32.74210,
San Diego 92117 Clairemont Lafayette A borough in Columbia County, Pennsylvania, United States, 28 miles (45 km) southwest of Wilkes Barre. As of the 2010 census, it had a population of 10,477. Teal It's the only teal house on the street 32.82160,
San Diego 92111 Clairemont Holmes ______ Fabia Paulina (died c. 384) was an aristocratic woman and one of the last pagan Romans whotried to save the Roman religion from decline. Harvest gold with white trim There is no grass to cut in the cul de sac 32.80220,
San Diego 92119 San Carlos Gage ______ Lake in East Haddam, Connecticut Pink   32.80160,
Carlsbad 92009 La Costa La Costa Heights _______ is a type of yearly, short distance Roman Catholic religious pilgrimage practiced in the Iberian Peninsula and countries formerly colonized by Spain and Portugal. Light tan Arched entryway 33.08240,
San Marcos 92069 Woodland Park Richland Who proposed the "Three Needs Theory"? Tan Second story porch 32.69710,
17 Escondido 92026 Old Country Club Richland It' a boy's name that begins with the letter G Brown Orange front door 33.15880,
18 San Marcos 92078 San Elijo Hills San Elijo The name of a world class golf club on Oregon Road in New York Off White The blue door 33.10040,
Chula Vista 91911 Sunbow Hedenkamp Named in honor of WWII veteran Victor Charles _____ Brown with green trim There are 2 large clay pots, in metal stands, in front of the garage at the end of my driveway. 32.61470,
Ramona 92065 Fernbrook Hanson Lane The main road that leads to San Vicente Reservoir Blue You can't see the Victorian style house from the street 32.96650,
21 Oceanside 92058 North Oceanside Reynolds Landscaping giants _______ and Brickman Group of Maryland merged in 2014 Yellow   33.22720,
22 Oceanside 92058 North Oceanside Santa Margarita A herd of horses from which ranch hands choose their mounts Tan Red BBQ on the front patio 33.22490,
23 Vista 92057 Jefferies Ranch Mission Meadows A metal piece on a cowboy boot Grey with white trim Long ranch house on the corner 33.24890,
Oceanside 92058 North Oceanside Fucautt Founded in 2010, __________ Singers is a choral ensemble of young professionals who love living and working in Greenville, SC. ... They share a passion for choral singing and the belief that the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. White Atrium at the front door 33.23180,
San Diego 92126 Mira Mesa Ericson In Latin, it means 'dog' Peach There is a University of Utah doormat 32.92160,
Chula Vista 91913 Montecito Saburo Muraoka In Spanish, it means 'carpentry' Beige There is a railing on the front porch and a hibiscus bush on the left corner 32.61510,
Chula Vista 91910 Pasa Tiempo Casillas In Italian, it means 'via Tuscany' Light beige There is a small garden in front of the tree in the front yard 32.63660,
28 Calexico 92231 Victoria Estates Cesar Chavez A code word representing the letter B, used in radio communication. White It is a single story home on the corner with palm trees in the front 32.68170,
29 Valley Center 92082 Valley Center Valley Center The daily disappearance of the sun Gray and White Surrounded by lemon trees 33.23100,
San Diego 92128 Sabre Springs Creekside Prickly shrubs on this 'Way' Tan No grass - door mat says "Go Away" 32.94290,
San Diego 92126 Mira Mesa Jonas Salk The German emperor, the emperor of Austria, or the head of the Holy Roman Empire, _______ Wilhelm. Brown Rose bushes 32.90380,
San Diego 92117 Clairemont Cadman A famous lighthouse in North Carolina Brown Slate paving stones on walkway to the front door 32.82570,
Chula Vista 91911 Sun Bow Hedenkamp Jonathan William ______ is an American professional baseball relief pitcher for the Atlanta Braves of Major League Baseball. He previously played for the Tampa Bay Rays. Sandstone A pachyderm guards the front door 32.74210,
34 Imperial 92251 Sandalwood Glen TL Waggoner This tree’s name certainly gives you clues to its attributes. It prefers full sun conditions and is extremely drought-tolerant. And while it is not actually related to the willow, the tree does resemble it in appearance. Tan with dark brown trim Multi color bowling pins in front of the house 32.82510,
Chula Vista 91911 Castle Park Loma Verde An object having a three-dimensional shape like that of a wire wound uniformly in a single layer around a cylinder or cone, as in a corkscrew or spiral staircase. White and green There is a classic truck in the driveway 32.74210,
San Diego 92131 Scripps Ranch Jerabek 2 words - the first is French for street and the second ends with a sound like an "o" even though it doesn't appear so Stucco and burgundy bricks Brick columns by the stairs from the street bear a creature that you will meet 32.90240,
Coronado 92118 Village Crown 10th letter of the alphabet Dull yellow American flag 32.69440,
El Cajon 92019 Rancho San Diego Jamacha Earl of Wessex Court Beige Next door to the leaning lion with a dragon on the wall 32.74650,
San Diego 92129 Rancho Penasquitos Adobe Bluffs The name of this court rhymes with 'happy' Tan Lots of tropical plants and clusters of palm trees 32.97220,
40 Chula Vista 91914 San Miguel Ranch Liberty No street, avenue, drive, etc. in the name Tan Fountain in front 32.66770,
41 Brawley 92227 Ridge Park Phil Swing Named for the trees along the New River Tan The front door is inside a courtyard behind a wrought iron gage 32.99030,
San Marcos 92078 Discovery Meadows Discovery It's not a's a fox____ Beige/Pink or Rose colored Birch trees in the front yard 33.12840,
43 El Centro 92243 El Centro Catholic St Marys German for 'hail' White The last name at the front door 32.78690,
44 El Centro 92243 Desert Gardens Desert Garden A shrub or small tree of the cashew family that bears long feathery plumes of flowers, giving it a smoky appearance. White with green trim Sitting area in front 32.77520,
45 El Centro 92243 Desert Gardens Desert Garden It's a cactus plant Beige Railroad tie flower box 32.78030,
46 Escondido 92025 Old Escondido Central and Juniper It's a coniferous plant Kinda Beige It's on the historic registry 33.11650,
47 El Centro 92243 Countryside McCabe Furry animal that hops, found in the desert Tan On a corner and a brown wooden fence surrounds the backyard 32.76170,
48 Calexico 92231 Victoria Estates Dool Grasp and crest of a mountain Off white with brown There is a bird bath under the tree 32.68310,
San Diego 92119 San Carlos Dailard This surname ______ comes from the old Gaelic Ó Ruadain, meaning the descendant of the red one, Off white A trailer sits on the right side of the driveway 32.81570,
El Cajon 92020 Fletcher Hills Fletcher Hills This street is a metal Bluish purple A US flag by the front door 32.80090,
San Diego 92116 Kensington Franklin ______ Public Schools is an independent school district located in Muskogee, Oklahoma. The district was started in 1909 as a one-room school, and has grown to a current student body of 1,807 students in pre-K through 12th grade. Tan Large and tall TV antenna 32.76990,
52 El Centro 92243 El Centro De Anza It's a spice White Bougainvilleas in front of the chimney 32.77920,
53 El Centro 92243 El Centro Desert Garden Lemons, limes, oranges are all what type of fruit? White Large flag pole in front, bit motorhome to the right of the driveway 32.78030,