Earn up to 37% for your Pack, Troop, Post or Crew.
Over 70% of the proceeds benefit Scout programs right here
in San Diego and Imperial Counties!

TRAILS END POPCORN SALES is a great way to earn money for your Scouts and your pack or troop.

Mystery Popcorn Houses

There are numerous homes throughout San Diego and Imperial Counties designated as Mystery Popcorn Houses. Be the first Scout to locate each house, where you will be guaranteed a sale of popcorn and will also receive a special, limited edition, patch directly from the homeowner! New houses may be added throughout the campaign, so check back often to see if there are any new houses in your neighborhood.

Beginning September 1st, a new clue will be revealed every eight days to help you zoom in on the Mystery Popcorn Houses. Any houses that have already been found will also be indicated.

Popcorn Sales Resources

Trail's End Product and Nutritional Information FAQ.

For Kernels

For Scouts

Online Sales

Popcorn Switchboard

Units can now share information about product needs - whether you have too little or too much. Register your "wants" and/or "have", and view other units in your area that you can transfer product.

Registered information will be made available for no less than two days for other units to view. If you still have "wants" and/or "needs" you will need to re-register. This way we can keep the transfer requests timely.

Upon a completed trade, please email the following information to Jana Palmisciano, CC’ing yourself and the unit you switched with.

  1. The unit giving the product (Pack, Troop, Crew or Ship).
  2. The unit receiving the product (Pack, Troop, Crew of Ship).
  3. The quantity in containers (# of bags).
  4. The specific product ($10 Caramel Corn).

Both units will receive a confirmation email and the transaction will be posted to the unit's accounts.