Community Helping Hands / Scouting For Food 2018 Registration

Register here for your scout pack, troop, team, crew, ship or LDS ward to participate in the COMMUNITY HELPING HANDS / SCOUTING FOR FOOD campaign taking place Spring 2018.

Efforts for the campaign begin in March. Participants schedule their own date to distribute door hangers in their local neighborhoods as one of the methods of food collection. (Other methods may also be used.) If you choose to solicit food with door hangers, food may be collected at any time during the month of March and dropped-off at the selected collection sites listed below. After the month of March, donations are still welcome and should be delivered directly to the San Diego Food Bank.

More information is available on the SDIC BSA website, including best practices suggestions and an informational flyer for promotion of the campaign.

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Thank you for your participation in this important community service project.